You can help us keep the lights on for a veteran

Donate to the Disabled Veterans National Foundation's Capacity Building Grant Program


The Capacity Building Grants (CBG) program is a crucial initiative of DVNF, aiming to strengthen organizations that share our commitment to veterans and disabled veterans. Through this program, we provide grants to selected organizations, enabling them to enhance their capacity to deliver comprehensive support and services to those in need. These grants play a vital role in expanding the reach and effectiveness of vital programs and initiatives.

When you donate to the CBG program, you help us improve the lives of veterans and disabled veterans in various areas, including healthcare, housing, education, and job training.

Your generosity directly contributes to:

  • Providing essential medical care, rehabilitation, and mental health support
  • Assisting with housing needs, ensuring stable and secure living environments
  • Enabling access to educational opportunities, scholarships, and vocational training
  • Empowering veterans with skills, resources, and support to succeed in their careers


Your support allows us to provide critical resources and assistance to veterans and disabled veterans, giving them a chance to rebuild their lives and thrive. Every donation, no matter the size, makes a difference and has a lasting impact on those who need it most.

Please consider donating now to help us bolster these organizations and improve as many veterans' lives as possible!