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Accepting applications for DVNF’s New Program, Grants to Provide Stability (GPS)




Grants to Provide Stability (GPS) Program


The Disabled Veterans National Foundation’s GPS (Grants to Provide Stability) Program is a grant program for veterans who find themselves in temporary financial setback. DVNF will provide up to $1,000 (not guaranteed) to help eligible veterans pay for rent or mortgage and essential utilities such as water or electricity.

We accept applications each month from the 1st-15th. Final decisions are made within two business days after the 15th. Checks are mailed to vendors no later than one week after decisions are approved. Promissory letters to vendors are available upon request if awarded. Please note that each veteran can only be approved once per fiscal year (October – September).

Application Requirements


  1. A completed copy of DVNF’s GPS Application Form, along with all required accompanying forms included in application.
  2. The applying Veteran’s Form DD-214 Record of Military Service, which must contain the character of the veteran’s discharge, and the document must be certified by the state or if unable to obtain stamp under extenuating circumstances beyond the veteran’s control, as approved by DVNF on a case-by-case basis, evidence of veteran status as verified through the VA or VSO. If the DD-214 is not available, the veteran may provide a copy of state issued veteran ID, a Veteran Status Verification Form or Veteran Status on state issued Driver’s license.
  3. A cover letter containing an overview of the problem, rationale for the need, plan to continue services after support is rendered, and amount of request.
  4. A copy of the bill(s) for payment, issued within the past 30 days and includes a payment address
  5. A completed budget sheet that details how the veteran’s money is spent monthly and how budget issues will be addressed in future months.