Tailored for Troops Program

DVNF launched the Tailored for Troops program to provide new Jos. A. Bank business attire to job-seeking veterans through various program partners offering employment services such as transitional support programs. DVNF works with many program partners around the country who help veterans with transitional services, including employment training and job placement. Veterans within these selected programs are eligible to receive new Jos. A. Bank business attire. 

As of late 2016, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated that around 4.1 percent of male veterans, and approximately 4.9 percent of female veterans were unemployed. While this figure is congruent with the national population’s unemployment rate, veterans have some specific needs when it comes to employment. Veterans in transition from the military often have many applicable civilian skills from their military experience, but can have a hard time translating these skills to the civilian market. Other veterans in need of employment services are either homeless or low-income veterans. Nearly 1.5 million veterans around the country are at risk of becoming homeless, and many times, it’s because they can’t find gainful employment for a myriad of reasons. These veterans in particular may not have the financial resources to purchase proper business attire.


If your organization offers employment services to veterans and the veterans you serve could benefit financially or otherwise from new business attire, please send us an email at programs@new.dvnf.org detailing your organization’s work and your interest in this program, and we will have a representative discuss potential opportunities with you.  


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