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There is more you can do.

You’ve ended up on this page because you know there is more you can do for veterans in your area, and all around the country.

Troops are withdrawing from Afghanistan, and thousands will come home to a grateful nation. Unfortunately, their joyous return will be followed by many hurdles such as: finding a job, recovering from injuries, as well as having to balance financial and family obligations.

So what can you do to help these men and women who have faithfully served our country?

Spread Awareness and Knowledge

  1. Build a supportive environment in which veterans’ lives can be enhanced in a nation that is otherwise becoming less aware of their sacrifices as time goes by.
  2. Assist in building a special understanding of the sacrifices and needs of veterans who are disabled, needy, homeless, or underserved in some other way.
  3. Help DVNF to meet the needs of veterans by directing them to the organization’s service offerings.

Direct DVNF Services

Donors can support the direct services of DVNF in the following ways without making a financial contribution to the organization.

  1. Call upon donors to tell veterans who need help about the DVNF web site at
  2. Ask them to tell veterans about our online resource list, which will help them find a full range benefits and resources they need to get on with life – many programs these veterans may know nothing about but are there to help.
  3. Let donors know that veterans can keep up with what’s happening with regard to veterans programs that affect their lives by checking
  4. Ask their help in identifying programs that assist veterans in need that could potentially be eligible for one of DVNF’s Capacity Building Grants.
  5. Ask if they work for companies that might be interested in helping homeless and other needy veterans through gifts in kind to DVNF’s Health and Comfort Program.
  6. To stay informed on all DVNF Programs, Register for our E-News Here.

Advancing DVNF’s Mission

In the followings ways, donors can support DVNF’s stated mission “to provide critically needed support to disabled and at-risk veterans who leave the military wounded – physically or psychologically – after defending our safety and our freedom.”

  1. Volunteer at a veterans’ hospital, nursing home or a stand down event. To find a VA location in your area click HERE – for a stand down, click HERE.
  2. Thank a veteran for the gift of freedom!
  3. Fly your flags and participate in patriotic events like Veterans Day and Memorial Day.
  4. Generate awareness of veterans’ sacrifices in any way you can, including sharing the stories they read about in DVNF letters on our web site with others, or using social media like: Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Don’t forget to mention @DVNF so we can join the conversation too!
  5. Write letters to the editor of local newspapers in support of veterans.
  6. If you do not have a physical problem that impairs your ability to get around, don’t use a handicapped parking space that a disabled veteran might need.
  7. If you’re an employer or have influence in hiring decisions, offer opportunities to America’s veterans, particularly those disabled in our armed forces.