Help DVNF assist those families and loved ones affected by Veteran suicides

Help DVNF assist those families and loved ones affected by Veteran suicides.

Suicide is a national epidemic, it affects all of us, it has taken its toll on our military, veterans and first responders and many more sadly. Help us raise funds to raise awareness for this national epidemic.

On August 13th Team DVNF pedaled up America’s most iconic mountain, Pikes Peak climbing close to 5,000 feet in the always difficult “Broadmoor Cycle to the Summit.” Supporters are able to pledge just a penny per foot for a donation of $50.

Riders DVNF Team:
  • Carlos Barreto, US Army Veteran
  • John Goodwin, US Army Veteran
  • Scott Carson, US Marine Corps Veteran
  • John Paruch, US Navy Veteran
  • Mike Tobin, Fox News
  • Michael Peterman, Military Advocate
  • Sean Smith, Military Advocate

Your tax deductible donation to the Disabled Veterans National Foundation (DVNF) gives us the ability to provide critically needed support to disabled and at-risk veterans. These are veterans of all eras who leave the military wounded – physically or psychologically – after defending our safety and our freedom. The men and women who served in our military did so with honor and dignity, asking for very little in return. Help us recognize their tremendous sacrifices today.


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