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Disabled Veterans National Foundation*Note: DVNF is currently in the process making changes to our application site. The new process will be available on February 2nd, beginning with a letter of intent. The deadline to submit a new letter of intent will be on March 15th. 

If the letter of intent is recommended for the second round of grant reviews later this year, an invitation to apply will be sent to the organization and they will be contacted by a program officer. We will also be providing a new link for the application website. If you have questions, please send us an email at

The Disabled Veterans National Foundation provides grants on a case by case basis to like-minded organizations who provide support to veterans and disabled veterans alike.

DVNF has two open sessions a year in which they process grants.  Organizations may submit their application during the following open sessions:

Open Session 1: February 1 – May 1
Open Session 2: August 1 – November 1
Notifications and awards for Session 1 will be made by June 1
Notifications and awards for Session 2 will be made by December

-All candidates must review the application carefully, provide all required documents, and answer all questions before submitting.  Incomplete applications will not be considered.
-Applicants should submit grants that are solely benefitting veterans and/or veteran-specific programs.  Grant requests for overhead costs, salaries, and/or general support only, are not eligible under this program.

Candidates must submit the following information:
-Completed Application
-Executive Summary (limit one page, single spaced)
-Project Information
-Any additional documents the applicant deems necessary

Candidates: For organizations looking to apply for a grant, click here.

*Please review our Policy before submitting your application to determine eligibility as our funding is limited.

Helpful Information:

DVNF Board Policies for Issuing Grants

For additional information or questions regarding DVNF grants, email us at



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