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Guest Blog: Finding Restoration and Hope

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The Healing Warriors Program team understands that managing pain, and the anxiety of Post Traumatic Stress, is critical for restoration of quality of life. For this reason, we work in partnership with the veteran’s medical team to provide an integrative approach to healing, one that includes restoration, wellness and hope. Read more >>

Guest Blog: 3 Beneficial Activities for PTSD

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Life with PTSD can be tricky. You have to learn to cope with the symptoms and learn new tactics for feeling better. While treatment is a very important part of living with PTSD, there are a few things you can do to improve your quality of life at home such as form a routine. Read more >>

Guest Blog: Healing Through Horses

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What I’ve Learned from My Horses about Supporting Vets with PTSD

By: Shannon Knapp, Executive Director of Heart of Horse Sense
Equine Therapy and Services for Veterans, Their Families, and Caregivers

What do you mean, horses? What do horses have to do with PTSD? Read more >>

Guest Blog: Tips for Veterans to Become Entrepreneurs

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Amy Ridgway
Veterans Florida Entrepreneurship Program

Traditionally, the first step an entrepreneur would take is to conduct extensive research and build a concrete business plan complete with all the details of running a business. Although this method teaches a comprehensive way to help entrepreneurs envision issues and a concrete method for developing the business plan for investors, the fact remains that at least 9 out of 10 startups will fail. Read more >>

Guest Blog: Supporting Veterans with Mental Health Issues

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Contributor: Helios Warriors, Marsha Bennett, Executive Director & Gulf War Veteran 

The statistics concerning veterans with mental health issues are startling.  According to the National Center for PTSD, between 11 and 20% of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans have been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress and nearly 20% of soldiers involved in these wars have experienced a traumatic brain injury. Read more >>

Signs of PTSD and What to Do Next

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#IntrospectiveArt (3)

“Stay busy, stay focused on what’s up ahead.
Keep going.
No matter what, don’t think.
Don’t talk about it.
Can’t sleep.
Brain is a spinning top that turns and jumps, try to quiet it and the invisible hand hits the reset button, round and round we go again. Read more >>

Guest Blog: HERL Trains Vets in Manufacturing

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Dr. Rory Cooper (left), Director of HERL, talking with a veteran in his program.

We at the Human Engineering Research Laboratories (HERL) – a partnership between the University of Pittsburgh and VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System – take great pride in our work with Veterans.  Read more >>

Guest Blog: Vets Rehabilitate in the Great Outdoors

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By: Sandra Budak
Executive Director
Honoring Our Veterans

Honoring Our Veterans is committed to helping our nation’s veterans heal. We are very fortunate to have the Disabled Veterans National Foundation partner with us in t20150618_081152his endeavor. We truly believe we are making a difference in these warriors’ lives. Read more >>

Guest Blog: 3 Booming Tech Careers for Disabled Veterans

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By Rick Kuehn, CEO at GruntRoll;  exited the Marines  in 2010 as a Corporal.

One of the many challenges facing disabled Veterans is finding suitable employment. Veterans suffering from PTSD often find difficulty in working in tight-quartered, high-energy environments like the standard American workplace. Read more >>

Guest Blog: Military Family Appreciation Month – A Big Thank You to Our Nation’s Heroes and Their Families

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Margaret B. Davis, President and CEO, Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation

DVNF and the Marine Corps Scholarship For VeteransOur Nation is eternally grateful for our service members and their families, but this month in particular – with Military Family Appreciation Month, Veterans Day, the Marine Corps birthday and Thanksgiving – supporters and members of the military community nationwide pause to offer special thanks to an all too often overlooked segment of America: our military families. Read more >>

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