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HomeforHeroesHome for Heroes began similarly to DVNF; the program grew out of the awareness of a small group of women in Charlotte, North Carolina due to the wide gaps in services for veterans.

Established in 2009, Home for Heroes started off providing supportive housing to female veterans and now this organization not only provides supportive housing for female vets but also: case management, mental health counseling, peer support, credit counseling, job placement and employment assistance, transportation to services and appointments, referrals and community linkages, and volunteerism.

Beginning in 2014, Home for Heroes expanded their clientele by providing assistance to male veterans as well. Currently they have 3 male veterans living in their facilities.

“By providing caring residential and other support services we are able to assist the veterans so that gradually they are able to function independently and are able to fully integrate into civilian culture, said Terri Howard, Executive Director.

Upon completion of the Home for Heroes programs, Terri adds, “clients increasingly become able to leave our services, most veterans have regained or gained the skills necessary to have their own home, have a job or are in a school program, and – where appropriate – are reunited with their family.”

On average they see seven to eight veterans per week and there is no fee for their services.

Since this organization is beginning to grow, they applied for one of DVNF’s summer 2015 Organizational Grants.


“Since receipt of the grant monies we have been able to provide essential mental health and substance abuse counseling as well as case management for those in need of that service,” said Terri.

All veterans are welcomed, however, some key guidelines to utilize their services are: if taking medications for a mental illness, the individual must be able to be self-medicating. In addition, if there are issues of addiction, the individual must be sober at the time of admission.

One thing Terri wants her clients and others to know is, “our environment is welcoming and that there is a feeling of a safe and helping community.”

If you would like to learn more about this organization or be a part of their community please visit:

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