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BRMM1With an estimated 49,933 homeless veterans on any given night according to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), it’s wonderful to see organizations like Boise Rescue Mission, who provide housing to help keep those numbers down.

“The Boise Rescue Mission (the Mission) was established in 1958 and has always served veterans,” said by President and CEO of the Mission, Rev. Bill Roscoe. As an army combat veteran who served in Vietnam, Rev. Bill believes that every veteran should have a safe place to live and be treated with respect.

Which is why when he was approached in 2010 by the Homeless Outreach Coordinator for the Boise Department of Veterans Affairs to set aside 12 of his single-occupant rooms for veterans, it was a partnership he and the board couldn’t pass up.  Soon they will provide up to three, two-man rooms for male veterans.

All the services the Mission provides are free and they needed to seek out other ways to help fund this specific program. That’s why they applied for the DVNF Organizational Grant.

Since receiving the grant in the summer session of 2015, Rev. Bill said, “The grant funds are supporting the Mission’s programs that assist homeless veterans to become physically, mentally and emotionally stable, and to assist them in returning to independent or supportive living.”

In total they have provided housing to 150 veterans, and they currently have 36 living in their facilities. This program for these veterans is more than just housing, however.  They also see a case manager, and are provided furniture, food, clothing, and other necessities they may need during their stay. The goal for these veterans is to become independent enough to move out on their own.

According to Rev. Bill, over 75 percent of the veterans who participate in the Boise Rescue Mission’s program become abstinent from alcohol and other drugs.

This shows the dedication and care the Boise Rescue Mission has for their current and future veterans who participate in their program.BRMM2

“We sincerely care for people, treating everyone with respect, and we will exhaust every resource to help them regain independent living,” Rev. Bill stated. “Our door is always open to the veterans.”

If you know a veteran facing or on the verge of facing homelessness in Boise, please refer them to the Boise Rescue Mission. For more information visit:


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